<span>Red Cedar House Entrance:</span> <span>Pool Area:</span> <span>Relaxing Waterfall:</span> Our heated pool ensures a longer swimming season.<span>Covered Porch:</span> <span>Lounging Area:</span> Read a good book or watch a movie while you relax.<span>Work Room Kitchen:</span> A small kitchen area is provided for your personal food preferences.<span>Workroom :</span> <span>Workroom:</span> Every table has a task light, trash can, cup holder, shelf, and comfortable rolling chair.  <span>Blue Room:</span> <span>Another bed area:</span> <span>Escapes & More pics 063.JPG:</span> Escapes & More pics 063.JPG<span>Escapes & More pics 064.JPG:</span> Escapes & More pics 064.JPG<span>Escapes & More pics 054.JPG:</span> Escapes & More pics 054.JPG<span>Kitchen and Dining Area:</span> <span>050.JPG:</span> 050.JPG<span>035.JPG:</span> 035.JPG<span>More Homemade Desserts:</span> <span>HomemadeDesserts:</span>
Red Cedar House EntrancePool AreaRelaxing WaterfallCovered PorchLounging AreaWork Room KitchenWorkroom WorkroomBlue RoomAnother bed areaEscapes & More pics 063.JPGEscapes & More pics 064.JPGEscapes & More pics 054.JPGKitchen and Dining Area050.JPG035.JPGMore Homemade DessertsHomemadeDesserts